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New iPad 2

Well, it’s here (announced, at any rate) and most of the pundits prognostications were pretty accurate.

In white!

iPad 2

In brief, it’s thinner, lighter, faster and has two cameras.

There’s no change in screen resolution, SD card slot or USB but they were always going to be unlikely. No-one foresaw the digital connector -HDMI out and recharge, or the Smart Covers…

How smart?

Gotta say, they do¬†look pretty smart on the video, but I’ll let you know more whenI get mine.

Software includes a new IOS (4.3) and iMovie and Garageband for the iPad. There’s a real wow factor in both of these Apps, and priced at US$4.99- wow again.

As I said above, I’ll have more to say when I get mine.

And, one more thing, it was great to see Steve Jobs back at an Apple event. He’s not looking 100%, but certainly not at death’s door. Best of luck, Steve.